Based in Montreal, which is famous for its multicultural attitude, our publishing company is open to a variety of shapes and styles of literature. The main and perhaps the only selection criterion for us is the quality of the provided literary works. We believe that despite the considerable preference that modern man feels for those forms of art that are based on direct perception of information (such as movies or popular music), literature remains the primary source of innovative ideas and the most efficient stimulus for the human imagination.

Also, we are convinced that new technologies, even though they decreased the role of the book in modern life, can in fact serve the development and expansion of literature. In this regard, the main activities of our company are publishing and distribution of electronic books. Our mission is to connect talented writers with readers who are looking for quality literature in all its manifestations, producing the books as accessible as possible for consumers on the most beneficial for the authors conditions. Obviously, this is not so easy to achieve, but we believe that using the concept of electronic publishing can substantially assist us in reaching this goal.